Cat Advice


How to Tackle Common Pet Allergens

It is an often-unknown fact that our pets can suffer from allergies as much as us humans. Just like people, when dogs or cats encounter a substance their body thinks is dangerous, an allergic reaction can occur, even if the offending allergen is completely harmless.


How to Overcome Pet Allergies

Dog and cat allergies are incredibly common. Some people suffer from pet allergies their whole lives, while for others pet allergies do not develop until much later in life, even in some cases developing in individuals who have owned pets for years.


Where to Buy a New Pet

Once you have decided on a new pet, and have determined you can afford it and can give it all the care it needs, you need to find a suitable place to purchase the animal. This can be a difficult task – even seasoned pet owners can find it hard to track down an appropriate place to buy a new dog or cat, where the animals are cared for and have had the best start in life.


Caring for Elderly Pets

Thanks to advances in veterinary care, our pets are living for longer. Many mature pets remain in good health for years, but just like humans, as our pets approach old age, they will often need some additional care and support.

Quick and Easy Ways to Monitor the Health of Your Cat

It can be very difficult to monitor feline health. Cats react to pain, and show that they are in pain differently to dogs, and are very good at hiding illness. Many cats also spend a large percentage of their time outdoors, meaning that they can injure themselves without their owners knowing.


Dogs and Cats Living Together – Top Ten Tips

The relationship between cats and dogs is often considered fraught, with many pet owners presuming that dogs and cats cannot live together. Contrary to this however, many cats and dogs across the country live quite happily together.