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Not A Scratch – Successful Cat Bathing Tips!

Cats will learn to love water once we’re through! Read these tips for hints on how to handle cats in the tub: Allow the cat to find a comfortable position Before you bathe the cat, it’s a good idea to trim the claws to prevent scratching Thoroughly brush the coat through To keep water out of ears, gently place cotton wool in them Ensure your bath has a smooth, slippy surface. This ensures claws do not catch on anything and that the cat cannot latch on Keep a hand on... Read More

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Safe Shampoos For Sensitive Cat Skin

F is for Feline and our cat bathing products! While most cats  are able to clean themselves, sometimes they can get themselves into a smelly situation, or perhaps they might be unable to clean themselves. If that’s the case, it’s time to pick up the cat shampoo. Cats have extremely thin, sensitive skin, so they need a specific pH level and gentle ingredients to make sure that the skin maintains it’s natural balance and does not get irritated. Even the pH of a dog shampoo can be wrong for cats,... Read More


Living With Pets: Why It’s Good For Us

Ever wonder why so many people have pets? There are loads of reasons! But what some people don’t realise is that having pets can be really good for you, mentally and physically. You get more exercise. Whether you’re walking your dog, playing with your cat or chasing your rabbit around the lawn in an attempt to put it back in the hutch. They keep you company. Many people simply keep a pet as a companion so they don’t get lonely. They’re a calming influence, offering comfort and easing anxiety. They... Read More

Cat Bathing Tips for Owners

Bathe your cat with minimal fuss with these helpful hints: Although cats tend to clean themselves, there are several good reasons why you may want to bathe them yourself; medical reasons, fleas, toxic substances or severe dirtiness and smelliness can play a part. Some cats also have difficulty cleaning themselves, especially if they are older or disabled. Cats have very sensitive skin, so buying a specialist cat product like our Buttermilk Spa range or our Purrfect Shampoo will help gently cleanse them without discomfort. Always brush the cat out before... Read More


Choose the Right Scissors for You

Your choice of scissors can affect how you groom, and choosing the wrong one can sometimes cause injury such as Carpal Tunnel and Repetitive Strain Injuries. Make sure you are choosing the best scissors for your hands and your scissoring style with this helpful guide: 1. Blade performance. Stainless steel is easy to care for and holds and edge well, whereas Cobalt Base Alloy has a good rust and chemical resistance, but it can chip easily. Molybdenum allows for a fine, sharp edge and is very durable. Also consider ICE... Read More

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Winter Health Check

Give pets a thorough health check by following these tips: Feet: Paws can become damaged and dry from de-icing chemicals and ice. Salt will inflame delicate pads or snow may become compacted, causing discomfort. To prevent this, ensure that hair between pads is kept short and attempt to clean feet as soon as the animal is indoors. Try dog boots or paw wax for protection. Temperature: Ensure pets don’t stay outdoors or in cold cars for too long and if necessary, get them a dog coat for protection. Dry dogs as... Read More


Make a Pet Toy for Christmas

These DIY pet toys are perfect for some last-minute presents: Cat: Instant Jingle Ball. You Will Need: Plastic rounded container with a lid, for example, a medicine container. Four jingle bells Duct tape Festive paper Directions: Take a plastic container and wash out carefully. Take the jingle bells and place inside. Duct Tape the lid shut. Wrap it in some festive paper. You now have a toy that will keep cats entertained for hours. Dog: Ball on a Rope. You Will Need: Festive fabric cut into three strips: Two 25... Read More

Tips to Help Cats De-stress

If you notice a change in the behaviour of your cat such as over-grooming, pacing or excessive verbalising then it may be stressed. Minimise stress in cats with the following tips: Check their health. Your cat may be suffering due to pain. Keep to a routine. Cats constantly asses risks, so cut out any unexpected circumstances that they may feel are threatening. When making changes, try to introduce cats to it gradually. Provide adequate space. Perhaps the cat needs a larger litter tray, scratching post or bed, or maybe they... Read More


Choosing The Right Clippers For You

  Many dog breeds have to be clipped regularly to maintain a healthy skin and coat, particularly breeds like the poodle, and the poodle cross. Maintaining your pet’s coat in between professional grooms, or undertaking trims and tidy-ups at home is possible. Use the following advice to help you select the best equipment for your needs: Have you clipped your pet before? Consult professionals about correctly clipping your animals. Read about the breed standard to determine an appropriate hair length for the pets comfort, health and lifestyle. Consider where the... Read More


Top Tips for Calm Pets During Fireworks

Halloween and bonfire night are two ghoulish celebrations that many pets do not appreciate.  During the season of fires, fireworks and trick-or-treaters keep dogs and cats calm with our helpful recommendations: 1. Ensure your dog enjoys an energetic walk to help tire them out. 2. Keep pets inside. Create a den to help them feel more secure, this may simply mean placing their dog bed under the table and then ensuring the curtains or blinds are drawn to screen flashing lights. make one for them. Our Pet Cave would make... Read More