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Canine Blood Bank Information

Just like human beings, animals occasionally need blood transfusions. Donated blood can be needed during surgery, or when treating illness or disease. In many cases, a blood transfusion can save a pet’s life, with a single donation helping up to four individual dogs.

Tips for Dealing with Heavy Pet Moulting

All pets shed hair - it is a completely natural and healthy bodily function. Even hairless and non-shedding dog breeds moult to a certain extent. Undoubtedly though, moulting can be a nuisance. Excessive shedding can effect allergy sufferers greatly, and shed hairs can stick to clothes and furniture, making them difficult to clean.

New Innovations in Dog Grooming: Warren London

Warren London is a luxury spa and grooming products line developed exclusively for dogs. Ideal for dog owners and professional grooming salons alike, this high-end American brand produce innovative formulas which give excellent results. Warren London use natural ingredients wherever possible to create sophisticated and stylish products which offer real dog grooming solutions.

New Innovations in Dog Grooming: Pet Head

Groomers are one of the first retailers in the UK to stock the entire Pet Head range. Below is a quick taster of some of the innovative new Pet Head products we will soon be stocking - for the full collection however, please see the Pet Head section of our website.

New Innovations in Dog Grooming

This weekend, in correlation with Crufts, sees the release of our new look catalogue. We have hundreds of innovative new products in our 2012 catalogue, continuing our aim to bring you the best selection of grooming items on the market, at the best possible prices. Over the next few weeks, all these new items will become available for you to buy online. Here is a quick taster of some of the innovative new products we will soon be stocking for the professional groomer.


Groomers Successfully Treats Poor Lucy

Lucy, a five year old West Highland White Terrier had suffered with severe itching and soreness for three years. After a recommendation Mr. Amblin, Lucy’s owner bought Lucy to see us. In conjunction with a dietary change, including Groomers Evening Primrose Oil Food Supplement, she was regularly bathed in Groomers Vet grade Evening Primrose Oil Shampoo, and sprayed between baths with the Evening Primrose Oil Coat Conditioning Spray. Lucy was bathed twice a week in the shampoo to help soothe the irritation. A 10ml application of food supplement was applied... Read More