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8 Steps To A Calm Pet This Fireworks Night

It’s getting very close to Fireworks night now, and we’re so excited! Of course, we also remember that this is the time of year that pets can get very stressed, so here are our top tips for keeping them calm! Treat it like any other day. Pets really do notice if you’re concerned, so make sure you don’t show it to them, or they will think three is something to fear. Create a cosy spot. Ensure your house is warm and that your pet has a cosy, quiet and secure... Read More


Christmas Is Coming!

Christmas is just two months away! It’s the time of year when everyone wants to cosy up with their family and friends, and their pets are certainly no exception! To celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, we’ve brought out a selection of Limited Edition Festive Fragrances that we think you’ll love! They come in shampoo and fragrance spray form, so dogs will smell fantastic and be able to have a top up later, too! Here’s a run down of our scents for this year: Christmas Time Rich, zesty... Read More


3 Ways For Groomers To Cash In On Halloween

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it’s a brilliant time to start profiting from the winter season! #1 Parties Everyone wants their dog to looks and smell fantastic when guests are around, so capitalise on those Halloween parties! It could be simply offering short appointments for a bath and dry, or perhaps a small percentage off a full groom. Even offering drop-in style appointments for smaller things like nail clipping. Your books will be bursting in no time! #2 Halloween Makeovers Many people dress up their dogs for... Read More


Stressed Pets In The Salon!

Halloween and fireworks night isn’t too far away, and we know that it can be a tough time to be a pet. However, pets aren’t just stressed during the holidays, as pet professionals can attest! Why Do Pets Get Stressed? Pets can get nervous or agitated in your grooming salon for a plethora of reasons. It could be a change of routine, past experiences, high skin sensitivity, dislike of loud noises, possible injury, separation anxiety, or it could be from travelling to you. Older dogs that may be disoriented, especially... Read More


Julie Harris Signature Advice: Puppy Coat Change

As part of our Julie Harris Signature Grooming Advice, Julie has written this fantastic blog based on topics that you asked us for on the Groomers facebook page! Marie Dye  suggested the topic of the puppy coat change, and here’s Julie’s response: Puppy coat change is inevitable and can be a real struggle even for the best of owners, so when dealing with a matted dog, you must be patient with your customers. Change can happen any time between 8 and 18 months depending on breed, coat type and coat... Read More


Julie Harris Signature Advice: 8 Tips For Speedy Grooming

As part of our Julie Harris Signature Grooming Advice, Julie has written this fantastic blog based on questions that you asked us on the Groomers facebook page! Jo Silk-Smith asked for tips on speeding up grooming, and here’s Julie’s response: As groomers we all have strengths and weaknesses and being able to speed up to give the dogs in our care less time standing, and a few minutes extra break for ourselves between grooms is always advantageous. The first thing we need to do is really look at our grooming... Read More


6 Dog Safety Tips For Autumn!

It’s officially Autumn TODAY! To us, that means good food, fun and of course snuggling up with your dog on the sofa! But there are a few things about that all pet owners should be aware of to keep their dogs safe and sound, and here they are: Party Season With Halloween and fireworks night on the way, make sure your dog feels safe at all times. Try Pet Remedy or Adaptil if they’re really struggling to stay calm. Fading Light It’s getting darker, and so it’s always best to... Read More


4 Ways to Prevent Clipper Lines

Do you keep getting clipper lines and wonder what you can do to stop them? Never fear, in this blog, we’ll tell you how to get the best finish: Make sure you blades are sharp and oiled regularly. The sharper and faster the blade, the smoother the finish. Good clipper maintenance is key! Make sure that undercoat is out! Any coat that still has dead hair inside while you’re clipping is more likely to create clipper lines. Brush, blast and rake your way through that coat until all excess hair... Read More


Back To School? We Can Help With That!

Are you a brand new grooming student this year? We’re here to help you with any questions you have, plus we have a fantastic range of money-saving bundles to choose from to start you off on your grooming journey. Here are 4 of our favourites that should see you through your year! Groomers Professional Best Sellers Kit – £49.00 for 10 best selling shampoos and sprays Groomers Elite Top 10 Tools Bundle – £50.00 for 10 essential grooming tools Roseline 4 Piece Scissor Set – £155 for a 4 pack... Read More

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September is National Organic Month!

September is National Organic Month! Here at Groomers, we love organic produce and recently we’ve been sourcing shampoos that include these fantastic ingredients. What is Organic Exactly? Organic ingredients are grown or produced without the use of man-made fertilisers, pesticides, growth regulators or feed additives. All organic farms and food companies are inspected to ensure the highest standards. Genetic modification is also prohibited. Organic farming is working towards an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable method of production, helping to keep the planet and the people healthy. Why Choose Organic For... Read More