Ultimate Dog Guide


Breed Profile: The Standard Poodle

Best in Show for Crufts 2014 was awarded to Afterglow Maverick Sabre, better known as “Ricky”, a handsome Standard Poodle owned by his handler Jason Lynn together with John and Sandra Stone. This popular breed is instantly recognisable, with their elegant gait, proud, balanced physique, and often remarkable clips. Here is our introduction to this beautiful and intelligent breed.


The Genetic History of Dogs: Top 10 Facts and Theories

Where do dogs come from? It is only natural to wonder how the domestic dog came into being, considering that they hold such an important part in our lives. The origin of our faithful fidos has always been a difficult question, however. The domestication of dogs occurred such a long time ago that it is difficult to determine their ancestors, especially when combined with selective breeding over tens of thousands of years.


Exercise Tips for Your Senior Dog

While your older dog might be starting to show signs of age, exercise is still important, and can even help to improve and prolong their quality of life. You may need to tone down certain activities as they age, but there is still plenty of scope for bonding and fun.