Leucillin – How It Can Help In the Heat

Leucillin is a powerful and reliable antiseptic skin care spray suitable for disinfecting and sanitising wounds, cuts, grazes and more. It kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, fungi and viruses, and is non-toxic and non-irritating. How can Leucillin help in the heat? Hot, humid conditions are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, and so summer weather means an increased likelihood of infection. That’s why Leucillin is a handy item to keep around the place – it’s the ideal solution to help keep those bacteria at bay when you’re confronted... Read More


Help Hot Dogs This Summer

Did you know that this month is National Hot Dog Month? We won’t be talking to you about the delicious snack though, instead it’s all about dogs and protecting them from hot weather. So, what can affect dogs, and how can we help? Dehydration As with humans, dogs are at risk of dehydration in the heat. As dogs have very few sweat glands, they cool themselves via panting, which can leave them extremely dehydrated. That means they need plenty of fresh water. Find our selection of bowls here: Heatstroke... Read More

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Demystifying Dilutions

Need some help with dilution rates? You’re in the right place. You can use products neat, or they can be diluted with water – our own brand shampoos carry a dilution rate of up to 32:1! We recommend always using the dilution rate supplied on the bottle or by the company whose shampoo you are using. Any higher dilution and the solution, not to mention the cleaning power, won’t be as potent. Any lower and the solution might be too strong. We find the easiest way to mix the correct... Read More

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Soothing Smells = Happy Hounds

Z is for.. what else?? Zzzzzz Dog grooming should be a relaxing, therapeutic experience. For some dogs it already is, and we’ve seen many asleep on the table in some odd positions! However, not all pets feel the same way. Some may have had unpleasant experiences, some may be generally nervous of others, and some can find the experience stressful. How can you help make their stay more enjoyable? We recommend using calming products like aromatherapy shampoo and spray, alongside remedies such as a plug-in diffuser from Adaptil, Feliway or... Read More

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Summery, Fruity Scents Customers Will Love

Y is for Yum… Which is exactly what our range of fabulously fruity shampoos and conditioners will make you say after you have smelled them! You can’t go wrong with a fragrant, tropical scent in summer, and this applies to pooches too! We think you’ll love our range of scrumptious-smelling bathing products, so we’ve rounded them up for you. Find our summery, fruity scents here:


Dry Skin and Dandruff? Try These…

W is for Wheat and Oats Wheatgerm and oatmeal are two ingredients that pack a lot more in than you would expect! They’re commonly used in a range of beauty products to help hydrate skin and hair, and that’s exactly what they can do for pets too! Both wheatgerm and oats nourish and moisturise the skin. Wheatgerm has emollient properties to keep hair soft and conditioned, and it’s high in vitamin E and B vitamins for healthy cell renewal, which helps to keep the coat healthy. Oats are great for... Read More

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Get Coats Out Of a Tangle With Ease

U is for Untangle – something we’re sure you do a lot of! Curly coats, drop coats, silky coats, long coats, cotton coats – one thing they have in common is that they can get in a serious tangle. To sort them out, you’re going to need some help, and that’s where we come in. 1: Detangling Shampoo You’re going to need a shampoo that’s got some slip-agent to allow the tangled hair to slide out more easily. Follow up with a conditoning treatment. The moisturising properties of this will... Read More


Turn Your Salon Into A Soothing Spa

T is for the Terra Beaute range! Want to turn your salon into a Dead Sea Spa? It’s all about the products! With these relaxing, soothing pet bathing products from Terra Beaute, you’ll be half way there! Filled with natural ingredients including Dead Sea minerals, tea tree, peppermint, nettle and more, these fantastic pet spa products are full of benefits! Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, anti-aging, flea repelling, moisturising… the list goes on! Choose from a wonderful selection of lotions and potions, all designed to soothe, rejuvenate and nourish. Why... Read More

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Clean Pets Fast!

Q is for Quick Fixes! It’s inevitable that at some point you’ll have finished a dog, turned around for two seconds and when you look again they have something on them, marring their just-washed coat. We’ll let you fill in the gap of what that substance could be. You don’t have time to wash them again, so what do you do? You whip out a quick solution of course! We think you’ll find these two really helpful: Groomers Quick Wash – Quick, topical spot-cleaning for heavily soiled areas Groomers De-Fox-It... Read More

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Pamper Those Pooches With These Products!

P is for Pamper, and what better way to pamper pooches than with a luxurious bath and British Hound Shampoo? A little bit about the range: Gentle natural shampoo bars for dogs in a handy storage tin Soothes skin and reduces inflammation 100% natural, organic ingredients, sourced in the UK Hand-made in the UK British Hound is a range of natural, organic shampoos bars not only clean and provide a natural fresh scent but also contain ingredients that help dogs suffering from a range of skin conditions. Each carefully-selected, UK-sourced natural... Read More