Pet Stress: Signs & Solutions

National pet month is all about encouraging responsible ownership. This blog focuses on how to keep stress levels low for a healthier, happier pet. Stress can affect pets for a lot of different reasons; changes to the house in the form of work being done or a new arrival, vet or groomer visits, travelling, or loud noises such as fireworks and thunderstorms. What to look out for: Licking lips, yawning, panting, ears back in dogs Excessive vocalisation, excessive self-grooming in cats Fearful behaviour. eg: tail between legs in dogs, loss... Read More

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Be Prepared! Pet First Aid Kits

Whether you work with pets or own one, keep yourself prepared for any medical emergency by making sure your pet first aid kit is well-stocked. Why not get started with our Aqueos First Aid Bundle and SAVE £5! Find it here: The kit includes: Aqueos Alcohol Free Sanitising Wipes – To quickly disinfect a wound or area of skin Aqueos Blood Stop – A fast-acting blood coagulant for small wounds, including quicked nails Aqueos First Aid Spray – A spray-on disinfectant, great for hot spots Aqueos Spray-On Plaster –... Read More

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Keep Coats in Flawless Condition

Dog coats need to be kept in great condition to ensure the pet is always comfortable. A healthy coat helps to protect the skin from the sun, and also acts as an insulating layer, keeping out the cold or the heat when needed, especially for double coated breeds. Brushing the coat regularly can give brilliant benefits: Removes shed hair that can turn into knots and matting. Mats can be very painful and can pull at the skin. They can lead to more severe skin issues when moisture and dirt are... Read More

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Take Perfect Care of Pet Coats With This Shampoo

All pets need a healthy, well-cared for coat to ensure they’re well insulated and their skin is able to breathe. The best way to start is with a good shampoo. Chubbs Bars were initially designed for cats, but are brilliant for a range of animals, including horses, dogs, guinea pigs and rabbits! These handy little bars are exceptionally good at deep cleaning and are perfect for pets with greasy coats. These shampoo bars are made from organic ingredients, lather well and are quick-rinsing, and are available in wide range of... Read More

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Brilliant Bathing Bargains for Crufts!

Going to Crufts next week? Don’t miss out on these deals: 4 for 3 on all Groomers-branded bathing products* That includes any Groomers shampoo, conditioner, styling or fragrance spray, in any size! FREE pump with ALL 5L shampoos!* Don’t forget bathing necessity for easy and quick shampoo pouring 20% OFF 5L Wahl Shampoos* Includes Dirty Beastie, Tea Tree and Diamond White! Visit us in Hall 5, Stand 126 *While stocks last We have more than 20 different show offers across a wide range of products & brands which are discounted... Read More


The 2016 Christmas Gift Edit – For Pets

Christmas is the perfect time to treat your pets, so we’ve rounded up a few of the best gift ideas from our website to make shopping quick and easy. Treat them with our dog-safe snacks: Have lots of fun with our fantastic toys: Pamper pets with our gorgeously-scented Christmas bathing range:


Rest In Peace

Today we are honouring another dog whose life was sadly cut short, leaving his owners heartbroken. We hope this will ease their pain. Rest in peace, Conan. To all of you that have lost a furry loved one, our thoughts are with you.   ‘Conan was my shadow, a very loveable boy. There wasn’t a bad bone in his body – he was even frightened of the cat!’ Conan loved his food, a fond memory being when he ran around with a soft roll that apparently had a friend’s false... Read More