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Make The Most Of Salon Retailing This Christmas

Christmas is one of the most lucrative times of the year in most business’s calendars. People are buying gifts for loved ones and feeling festive enough to treat themselves and others, and that includes their pets! That’s where you come in. As a grooming salon owner, you’re already set to have a busy Christmas period, but have you thought about doing a little bit more to get a nice bonus by Christmas day? It’s all about retail sales. You may already have a retailing section, and that’s great! People are... Read More


Get Kanpeki Gold For Scissoring Perfection

Meet the gold standard of scissoring – Kanpeki Gold! Kanpeki means perfection in Japanese, and that name stands with these perfectly-made scissors. Best-known for hairdressing scissors, this brand is now bringing perfection to the grooming industry. These British-designed scissors are beautifully balanced, are made with one of the worlds’ finest scissor materials, Japanese steel, which has been specially hardened for durability and feature an extra-sharp convex cutting edge for exceptionally smooth, effortless, precise scissoring. Each Kanpeki Gold scissor is ergonomically profiled offset handle and fixed finger rest for optimum control... Read More


NEW PRODUCT! Aqueos Blood Stop

Aqueos Blood Stop is a must-have first aid item: blood coagulate powder that rapidly stops bleeding from minor wounds Find it here: Ideal for cut quicks on paws. With a unique stain-free formula perfect for white coats. Does NOT become lumpy over time. Does not contain any harmful chemicals, ensuring that pets are safe while this powder is in use. Also useful for minor cuts and wounds if an accident occurs with scissors or clippers. How does it work? It works by forming a forming a gel barrier which... Read More