A spaniel being cut with Aurelia grooming scissors 30/06/2022

Have You Heard About Our Groomers Scissor Range? Which Scissors Are Best For You?

Whether you’re a newly qualified groomer, or an experienced grooming pro, with a huge variety of grooming scissors out there on the market, it can be difficult to know which pairs are the best to invest in for your grooming needs. At Groomers, we offer a wide selection of grooming scissors tailored to multiple grooming experience levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. In this guide, we’re breaking down all the main points to consider when choosing your next pair of grooming scissors and why we believe our exceptional scissors are... Read More

A chihuahua holding a first aid kit 23/05/2022

Top Tips On Dog First Aid For Groomers

Dog first aid is an essential skill for all groomers. An accident could occur when working with animals around scissors, water and electrical equipment, and on a high grooming table. Although some incidents are unavoidable, knowing how to respond and work effectively in these situations can make a huge difference to the dog you’re grooming. And by having the correct equipment to hand, you’ll be ready to deal with any grooming-related injuries, should one occur. By following our top dog first aid tips for groomers, you’ll find everything you need... Read More

Happy dog plodging on the beach 03/05/2022

Top 7 Dog-Friendly Holiday Destinations in the UK 2022

2022 may be the perfect year to plan your first staycation, and the great news is that by staying in the UK, your four-legged friend is welcome to tag along with you too!  But what is the best UK dog holiday? From the vast Northumberland coastline and countryside to the golden beaches of Cornwall, we’ve pulled together a guide to all our favourite pet-friendly holiday destinations. Packed with travel tips and things to do when you get there, all you’ll have left to worry about is whether to book a... Read More

Collie in field running 03/05/2022

Top Training Tips To Help Master Off-Leash Dog Training

If you’re planning a getaway and decide to take the dog along with you, you may want to invest some time into training your dog off-leash. Off-leash dog training can make walking your dog an enjoyable experience. Your dog is free to roam and explore, and you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up in its lead or being pulled when it’s too excited. Although it can be time-consuming, off-leash dog training ensures your dog’s safety and the safety of those around it in places where it could easily... Read More

how to keep a dog calm whilst grooming 06/04/2022

How To Keep A Dog Calm During Professional Grooming

Keeping a dog calm and comfortable during a professional groom is extremely important for achieving a safe and accurate cut. A new and strange time full of noises and equipment, dogs that haven’t visited professional groomers before may not be familiar with these surroundings, resulting in anxious behaviour. Ensuring the dog is comfortable in its surroundings is vital to creating an effective and productive professional grooming session.  If you want the finished result to be as flawless and stunning as possible, it’s important to meet the needs and requirements of... Read More

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5 Top Dog Grooming Competition Must-Haves For 2022

Unlike traditional dog shows, dog grooming competitions focus on professional dog groomers’ skills and scissor work and how well they can groom dogs. Most salon groomers require tools suitable for performing everyday cuts that support the health and well-being of dogs. In contrast, competition grooming can be incredibly intricate and meticulous and requires a different kind of grooming arsenal. To make sure you’re prepared for the world of competitive dog grooming, we’ve rounded up our top tips, tools and kit to get you ready to compete like a pro! Table... Read More

grooming in spring 05/04/2022

How Do I Keep My Dog Clean In The Spring?

A new season can bring new challenges to your dog’s grooming routine.  With the onset of warmer weather, it’s tempting to groom your dog less often – but they need grooming regularly during the warmer months. Get the best out of your dog’s coat with our spring dog grooming tips, which will make it easier to keep mucky pups squeaky clean! Table of contents: How do I keep my dog clean in the spring? Brush it’s coat regularly Bathing in spring Spring cleaning its possessions Check paws regularly  How do... Read More

winter grooming 17/02/2022

Here’s How To Maintain Different Dog Coat Types In Winter

During the winter months, it’s important to keep on top of your dog’s grooming routine, even if they’re spending more time indoors. It may be tempting to stop grooming your dog and allow their coat to grow out for extra warmth, but this could result in mats, tangles, and skin problems if their coat is neglected. At Groomers, we want to make sure that your dog’s coat stays in peak condition throughout the harshest months. That’s why we’ve pulled together our top tips for caring for their coats. Table of... Read More

crufts 17/02/2022

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Crufts 2022

If you’re a professional groomer, breeder, or lover of all things dog-related, then you need to visit Crufts! With Crufts 2022 just around the corner, we wanted to: Bring you a brief history of the event. Give you a heads up on all the exciting things to expect when you get there. Provide our top tips on how you can make the most out of your visit.  Table of Contents: What is Crufts? Where will Crufts 2022 be held? What are Crufts dog days for 2022? When is Crufts shown... Read More

professional groomer 11/02/2022

Top 5 reasons why your dog should visit a professional groomer

Although home grooming may sometimes seem like a more accessible and affordable option, many benefits come from taking your dog to the groomers that can’t be replicated at home.  Visiting a professional groomer is not only a great way to care for your dog’s coat, but it’s vital to their health and wellbeing too. From their knowledge of different breed types, coats and styles to their arsenal of grooming tools, you can trust in a professional groomer to get your  dog looking great and feeling at its best. Read on... Read More