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Sausage dog stands next to a dog first aid kit 22/11/2023

How To Create A Dog First Aid Kit

Every dog owner should have a dog first aid kit. It’s a common sense safety measure that will not only take the stress out of accidents but could potentially save your dog’s life. Accidents can happen no matter how well you look after your dog and how careful you are with them, so it’s always best to be prepared for every eventuality.  In this blog, we’re putting together our top tips for creating a dog first aid kit so you’ll never have to worry about caring for them in an... Read More

A dog American Cocker spaniel with a long wool skirt in a rack 20/04/2023

Top 5 Competitive Dog Grooming Essentials for 2023 

Unlike traditional dog shows, competitive dog grooming focuses on professional dog groomers’ skills, scissor work and how well they can groom dogs. Most salon groomers require tools suitable for performing everyday cuts that support the health and well-being of dogs. In contrast, competition grooming can be intricate and meticulous and requires a different kind of kit. To ensure you’re prepared for the world of competitive dog grooming, we’ve rounded up our top tips and essentials to get you ready to compete like a pro! Table of contents: What is a... Read More

a Golden Retriever is being washed in the bath at the grooming salon 20/04/2023

Top Tips For Cleaning Your Dog Grooming Salon 

If you have a successful dog grooming salon, you’ll probably see many dogs coming in and out of your salon during the day. Whilst it’s great to have so many appointments, you must make sure that each dog you groom is kept safe, happy and healthy whilst in your care.  It’s important to keep your salon hygienic to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria and pesticides, which could harm you and the dogs you groom. In this blog, we highlight the key ways to ensure your salon is immaculately hygienic.... Read More

Close up of a dog's nose 16/02/2023

You Need These Top 5 Winter Grooming Salon Essentials

When it comes to winter grooming, the dogs visiting your salon may present you with more problems than a dirty coat.  With central heating contributing to drying out dogs’ skin, matted fur from long, muddy walks and sometimes long, overgrown nails from shorter walks on softer ground, winter grooming can be challenging for all groomers. At Groomers, we want you to be prepared for every eventuality, so we’ve pulled together our guide on the top 5 products we think your grooming salon can’t be without this winter. With tips on... Read More

crufts 31/01/2023

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Crufts 2023

If you’re a professional groomer, breeder, or lover of all things dog-related, then you need to visit Crufts! With Crufts 2023 just around the corner, we wanted to: Table of Contents: What is Crufts? Where will Crufts 2023 be held? What are Crufts dog days for 2023? When is Crufts shown on TV? Groomers at Crufts 2023 Crufts FAQs What is Crufts? Originally established in 1891 by Charles Cruft, Crufts is an annual dog event that recognises dogs’ important role in every aspect of our lives.  The first Crufts dog... Read More

Dog outdoors amongst snow covered trees 10/11/2022

Why getting your dog groomed in the winter is so important

With winter just around the corner, your grooming clients may be considering the impact this will have on their dog’s grooming routine. Although popular belief is that dogs don’t need grooming as often in the winter, it’s just as important to groom them during this time as any other time of the year, particularly if they spend a lot of time outdoors. At Groomers, we want to use our professional expertise to help your clients care for their dogs this winter. In this guide, we’re answering the most frequently asked... Read More

A golden retriever posing in a santa hat in front of a tree 10/11/2022

Top 5 Ways To Get Your Dog Grooming Salon Winter Ready

As autumn and winter approach, the change in the weather means you can expect to see dog owners bringing their dogs to the dog salon more frequently to keep them looking clean and feeling fresh.  The run-up to the Christmas period also creates a greater demand for grooming appointments so owners can get their dogs looking and smelling their best for holiday family visits. These things make for a busy period for dog grooming salon owners and mobile groomers, so it’s the perfect time to start preparing for the crazy... Read More

a poodle being groomed at a competition 29/09/2022

What is competitive dog grooming all about?

Dog grooming contests are quite different from traditional dog shows in that they focus more on the dog groomer’s skills, scissor work and creative flair than the main attributes of a dog breed.  Groomers spend years honing their skills and perfecting their techniques. Competitive dog grooming gives them a chance to put these on display so they can learn and better themselves whilst networking with other dog grooming professionals.  If you’re wondering what competitive dog grooming is and what’s involved, look no further than our guide! From preparing for your... Read More

Man grooming a spaniel in his grooming van 19/08/2022

Top Reasons Why You Should Become A Mobile Dog Groomer

Demand for pets increased by 253% during lockdown, with dogs at the top of that list. With so many pet owners in the UK, the demand for dog groomers has also significantly increased, with mobile dog groomers becoming a more popular choice for those with busy lives or working remotely. A mobile dog groomer offers all the same services as an in-salon groomer, with the added convenience of the service being taken right to the client’s front door. If you’re a dog groomer thinking about going mobile, we’ve rounded up... Read More

Dog grooming tools laid out on a table 22/07/2022

The Best Scissor Care Maintenance For Your Dog Grooming Scissors

If you’re a professional dog groomer, you’ll know how important it is to keep your professional dog grooming scissors performing at their best. By looking after the tools of your service, you’ll get the best from them, you’ll save money as they won’t need repairing or replacing often and you’ll never have to contend with sore hands or damaged blades. If cared for correctly, good grooming scissors are built to last. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together our top tips on scissor care maintenance to help you maintain your... Read More