Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Crufts 2023

If you’re a professional groomer, breeder, or lover of all things dog-related, then you need to visit Crufts!

With Crufts 2023 just around the corner, we wanted to:

  • Bring you a brief history of the event.
  • Give you a heads up on all the exciting things to expect when you get there.
  • Provide our top tips on how you can make the most out of your visit. 

Table of Contents:

What is Crufts?

Where will Crufts 2023 be held?

What are Crufts dog days for 2023?

When is Crufts shown on TV?

Groomers at Crufts 2023

Crufts FAQs

What is Crufts?

Originally established in 1891 by Charles Cruft, Crufts is an annual dog event that recognises dogs’ important role in every aspect of our lives. 

The first Crufts dog show was in the Royal Agricultural Hall, Islington, with 2,437 entries covering 36 dog breeds. Ever-evolving, it’s an important date in every dog lover’s calendar.

Now organised by the Kennel Club, the UK’s largest organisation for the health and welfare of dogs, Crufts celebrates all dogs including pedigrees, rescued dogs and mixed breeds at Scruffts

Although the dog shows are still central to the event, dogs are also celebrated for their speed and agility in events like flyball and heelwork to music.  


Judges are trained to ensure that only healthy dogs win prizes, to encourage the healthy breeding of pedigree dogs.

Crufts also allows visitors to get information and advice from Kennel Club Assured Breeders and rescue charities, to help them choose the best breed for their lifestyle. In the Discover Dogs area of the event, there’s a chance to meet hundreds of pedigree dogs and learn about their characteristics.

Alongside the events and information, Crufts is also a shopping extravaganza. More than 550 trade stands feature special show offers and exciting new products that are perfect for both you and your four-legged friends. 

With live demonstrations throughout the event, and many new grooming tools and equipment on show, it’s never been easier to find the best products for your grooming salon. And, you’ll be able to watch over 18,000 dogs compete for the prestigious title of Crufts’ ‘Best In Show’, alongside exciting displays and competitions. 

Where will Crufts 2023 be held?

Crufts will be held at the NEC Birmingham from 9th-12th March 2023.

What are Crufts’ dog days for 2023?


Although many displays and competitions occur throughout Crufts, certain days are allocated to breed types for the dog show section of the event. To make sure you don’t miss your favourite breeds, here’s what’s happening at this year’s event:

  • Thursday: Gundog
  • Friday: Working and Pastoral
  • Saturday: Terrier and Hound
  • Sunday: Utility and Toy

Show winners from each breed category will then compete for Crufts’ ‘Best In Show’ title, the final and most important event in the programme, taking place on Sunday evening.

When is Crufts shown on TV?

Live coverage of Crufts will be available on Channel 4 and More 4 on all four days of the event. The action from the main arena will also be available to watch via the official Crufts YouTube channel. For even more updates and interviews with competition winners, you can also subscribe to The Kennel Club Podcast.

Groomers at Crufts 2023

As regular attendees of Crufts, we’re excited to be attending again this year and look forward to meeting you all. 

We’ll be located in Hall 5, stall 122, and we’ll have lots of fantastic products for both professional groomers and pet owners

Following our online makeover, you’ll be able to explore our exciting new products, including our exclusive Groomers scissor ranges and our new shampoos. There’ll also be the opportunity to order big-ticket items at our special Crufts discounted prices and get them delivered directly to your home or salon. 

We’ll be sharing videos from Crufts via our social media pages, so please follow our Instagram & Facebook accounts for all live action from the event.

Crufts FAQs

What is the address for the Crufts?

This year, Crufts takes place at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, B40 1NT.

What are the opening times for Crufts? 

The halls at Crufts are open from 8.15 am-6.30 pm daily.

Can I park at NEC Birmingham?

There is ample parking for Crufts at the NEC, but pre-booked parking is advisable to guarantee a space. You can purchase parking tickets via the NEC website for £12.85 per car (£16.95 if purchased on the same day). 

Parking ticket machines are also available for you to buy tickets on the day of Crufts, but it is worth noting that these are card payment only.

Are both cash and card payments acceptable?

It’s advisable to bring along a payment card with you to Crufts. However, chargeable cash machines are available on site. Groomers will accept both methods of payment.

Can I bring my dog to Crufts?

Crufts only allow competing dogs and those invited to the event by The Kennel Club to come to the event. However, assistance dogs will be allowed on site.

Is Crufts just for dog groomers?

No, Crufts is a great day out for all dog lovers, with plenty to see and do. With over 200 different dog breeds, various shows and activities, lots of opportunities to shop and ample food and drink stalls, Crufts is a great day out for all of the family.

I’m a groomer-will I be able to touch and hold scissors and equipment before I purchase them?

At Groomers, we understand the importance of ensuring your scissors and clippers are right for you. That’s why we allow customers to hold them before purchasing.

Where can I find more information about what’s on at Crufts?

The best way to stay on top of everything happening at Crufts is to follow their ‘What’s On Programme Schedule’ with full details of what shows and events you can watch each day.

For more information about the show, you can contact Crufts by telephone on 01296 318540 or email

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