Have You Heard About Our Groomers Scissor Range? Which Scissors Are Best For You?

Whether you’re a newly qualified groomer, or an experienced grooming pro, with a huge variety of grooming scissors out there on the market, it can be difficult to know which pairs are the best to invest in for your grooming needs.

At Groomers, we offer a wide selection of grooming scissors tailored to multiple grooming experience levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. In this guide, we’re breaking down all the main points to consider when choosing your next pair of grooming scissors and why we believe our exceptional scissors are the perfect choice for you, regardless of your grooming experience.

A spaniel being cut with Aurelia grooming scissors

Table of Contents:

On a dog – which scissor do you use where?

Popular scissor terms explained 

Why is scissor tension important?

Dog grooming scissors – which scissor is best for you?

Groomers scissor collections explained

Simply G




On a dog – which scissor do you use where?

If you’re new to grooming, before you even shop for your first pair of scissors, it’s helpful to understand the different types available to you and determine which pair is used on which part of a dog’s coat. 

There are at least five or six different scissor options available in a collection of dog grooming scissors, with any extra options usually being a size variation of the collection’s core staples. Most grooming scissor collections include the following:

Straight scissors 

Straight scissors are a key component of any groomer’s collection. Multipurpose scissors that create beautifully sharp, straight lines, these are often used for general purpose grooming or creating a crisp finish to the coat. Ideal for trimming down the legs and for full-body styling, they’re also suitable for delicate areas when used with extra care. 

Bull nosed scissors 

Bull nosed scissors are small safety scissors that are straight but have a rounded end rather than coming to a point. Because of their construction, bull-nosed scissors are perfect for taking care of the delicate areas of a dog’s coat, such as around its eyes, ears and paws. 

Curved scissors

Curved scissors are ideal for shaping the hair in places such as the feet and ears of a dog. Effortlessly creating rounded looks, they’re great for rounding off faces and feet and for body angulation. 

If you closely inspect a dog’s form, they have many more curved lines than you’d originally think. For example, their thigh muscles curve down to the hock, their chest blends down into their front legs, and their eyebrows curve off to the shape of their head. Curved scissors help accentuate their natural shape for a more even and natural finish. 

Thinning scissors

Thinning scissors are used for thinning and removing bulk from a dog’s coat. Also used to remove harsh scissor lines, you can use them all over a dog’s coat. A great tool for thinning the featherings on double-coated breeds, they are characterised by their teeth, which depending on the type of thinner, run down one or both sides of the scissor.

Blending scissors 

Also known as blending shears, these scissors blend the coat, removing harsh lines and softening the hair around the face and ears. Usually consisting of a solid cutting blade and a serrated teeth blade, the teeth blade allows more hair to be cut and removed in bulk.  

Invest in blenders for blending short and long hair effectively for a more natural texture, to blend away straight scissor lines and uneven areas. 

Chunker scissors 

Another type of finishing scissor, chunker scissors, or chunkers, are particularly useful for finishing a groom on heavy-coated dogs with thick, dense hair, removing sharp clippers or scissor marks with ease and adding a more natural finishing texture to the coat. Chunkers are also a great choice for blending wavy coats. 

Blenders, thinners and chunkers are often grouped under the category of thinning scissors. To find the best pair to invest in for your needs, why not read our blog on the differences between blenders, thinners and chunkers?

Now you know the differences between each type of scissors and where best to use them when grooming, we thought we’d explain some other scissor features terminology that you might encounter when shopping for your new grooming scissors. Here are some of the most common:

  • Convex edge – a sharp straight edge that provides a smooth, precise cut.
  • Off-set crane handles – with your comfort in mind, off-set crane handles allow the hand to sit in a natural position when grooming to minimise tendon strain.
  • Fitted-finger rest – lopping away from the top of the handles, a fitted finger rest adds an element of security and helps provide maximum control and comfort whilst you groom.
  • Scissor sizes – many scissors come in different sizes, and the size you opt for comes down to personal preference. Smaller scissors are a good choice for beginners and are perfect for grooming smaller breeds.
  • The number of teeth – concerning blenders, thinners and chunkers, as a general rule, the more teeth your scissors have, the more hair is removed. 
  • Stainless steel – a perfect choice for grooming scissors as it’s hard-wearing, long-lasting, durable and resilient. At Groomers, our stainless steel scissors are made from recycled and fully recyclable steel with the planet in mind and are abrasion-free to ensure that your scissors will stay looking at their best groom after groom.
  • Japanese stainless steel – offering the same benefits as stainless Steel, Japanese stainless steel adds an extra sharpness and sturdiness to a groom.

Scissor tension and why it’s important 

You’ll find information on scissor tension and how it’s correctly adjusted when purchasing your scissors.

Scissor tension is important for maintaining your grooming scissors, guaranteeing their longevity, and ensuring they perform at their best. The correct tension allows your scissors to perform exceptionally and prevents the blades from catching against each other or locking. 

If your grooming scissors feel too tight or tense, your blades will become stiff and difficult to move, which can cause their blades to wear down unnecessarily and cause hand fatigue due to the extra effort required to move and work the blades. Too loose, the blades will close too quickly, causing the hair to fold rather than cut. 

Achieving the correct tension is key to the longevity of your scissors, and most grooming scissors usually come with hand-adjustable tension or a tension key.

Dog grooming scissors – which scissors are best for you?

At Groomers, we offer a wide selection of exceptional grooming scissors tailored to different levels of experience, preference and comfort. Here, we’ll look closer at which of our scissors we feel are best suited to each experience level before looking closely at each collection, in turn, to provide you with all the information you need to invest in our impressive scissors with confidence.

For those wanting to stay on top of their dog’s grooming at home or for amateur groomers, we’d recommend our Simply G collection. An affordable, good-quality, sturdy collection, they’re a great entry point for those just starting their grooming journey, offering scissors for every part of the groom.

For student groomers, we recommend Simply G or our Ophelia collection. Ophelia, our smallest scissors, are comfortable and easy to control. Categorised by their pink, flat tension screw, these scissors are also a great choice for grooming smaller breeds. 

If you’re a newly qualified professional, our Topaz collection is an exceptional choice. With hand-adjustable tension categorised by a stunning blue adjustable screw, these premium scissors come in seven and eight-inch sizes (except for the bull nosed scissors at 4.5 inches). Or, if you prefer smaller scissors, we’d once again recommend the Ophelia range.

Expert groomers will benefit most from our stunning Aurelia collection. Our most premium range, these luxurious scissors are designed for groomers with an experienced scissor technique.

Our Groomers scissors collections explained

Whichever scissors you choose, you’re guaranteed exceptional quality and value from all scissors across our ranges. Read on to discover more about each collection.

Simply G – perfect for at-home groomers and amateurs

Simply G Grooming scissors against a green backdrop

Scissors included in the Simply G range: 

  • Straight (7″) 
  • Curved (6″) 
  • Bull Nosed (4.5″) 
  • Thinner (6.5″) With 46 teeth on one side and a smooth edge on the other.
  • Chunker (7″) With 21 teeth on one side and a smooth edge on the other. 

Our Simply G scissors range is perfect for at-home grooming or student groomers. Although these scissors are suitable for all long-haired breeds, they’re an ideal choice for Golden Retrievers, Cocker and Springer Spaniels and Irish Setters.

High quality, affordable, and made from durable, hard-wearing and abrasion-free recycled stainless Steel, Simply G scissors are great workhorse tools that are perfect for cutting and grooming all long-haired coats.

With a convex edge that offers a sharp, smooth cut and a comfortable design, they’re a great investment if you’re starting on your grooming journey. 

Each scissor in the range is designed with your comfort in mind, with an off-set crane handle to keep your hand in a natural position to prevent strain. Fitted finger rests and removable finger inserts add maximum comfort and control. And with an easily adjustable flat tensioner and a tension key included, it’s never been easier to keep your scissors in exceptional condition.

In the interests of sustainability, our Simply G range is made from fully recycled and recyclable stainless steel. Each pair comes in a fully recycled and recyclable plastic pouch, so you can be safe knowing that your purchase is completely planet-kind. 

Ophelia – perfect for groomers in training and those that prefer their scissors small

Ophelia scissors against a pink backdrop

Scissors available in the Ophelia range:

  • Bull Nosed (4.5″) 
  • Straight (6″)
  • Curved (6″)
  • Thinner (6″) With 40 teeth on one side and a smooth edge on the other
  • Chunker (6″) – with 14 teeth on one side and a smooth edge on the other

Our Ophelia Scissor range is an exceptional choice for groomers-in-training and those that prefer the handling of a smaller scissor. Suitable for most long-haired breeds, we’d recommend them for grooming Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Long-Haired Chihuahuas, Long-Haired Dachshunds and Pomeranians.

Ophelia Scissors are the smallest of our offerings. These elegant scissors are designed with a convex edge for a sharp, smooth cut, with comfort and accuracy in mind. Heavy-duty enough to cope with life in a busy grooming salon, they’re crafted from fully recycled, recyclable, abrasion-free stainless steel. 

The Ophelia range also comes with a fitted finger rest for ultimate control, an off-set crane handle, removable finger inserts for comfort and an easily adjustable tensioner, recognisable by its flat pink ball-bearing screw, with a tension key included. 

Packaged in a black zip-around case for fully-protective and easy storage, these beautiful scissors offer excellent, high-precision performance. Their smaller size makes them an essential choice for grooming smaller breeds safely. 

Topaz – premium scissors perfect for newly qualified and experienced groomers

Topaz grooming scissors against a blue backdrop

Scissors available in the Topaz range:

  • Bull Nosed (4.5″)
  • Straight (7″ or 8″)
  • Curved (7″ or 8″)
  • Thinner (7″) with 50 teeth
  • Blender (7″) with 40 teeth
  • Chunker (7″) with 23 teeth

An excellent choice for professional groomers, our Topaz collection’s sizing variety, elegance and sophistication make them a desirable scissor option. Designed for maximum comfort and with ultimate precision, they’re designed to cut all long-haired coats but are ideal for Cockapoos, Maltese, Shih Tzus and Bearded Collies.

Made in China from recycled and recyclable stainless steel with a convex edge for the smoothest of cuts, each pair of Topaz scissors is incredibly durable and hard-wearing, perfect for busy dog-grooming salons and mobile groomers. 

In true Groomers style, each pair of Topaz scissors features removable finger inserts and fitted finger rest for unbelievable comfort. Their off-set crane handle allows the hand to sit in a natural position to prevent strain, and their raised tensioner is eye-catching and simple to adjust. 

The thinning scissors in the Topaz range have more teeth than the blenders, allowing them to remove hair more quickly. 

A stunning choice that is incredibly durable, the Topaz scissor range from Groomers is a stylish scissor selection that you can rely on!

Aurelia – perfect for experienced scissor technique

  • Bull-nosed (4.5″) – perfect for tipping the ears of a West Highland Terrier
  • Straight (7.5″) – perfect for creating sharp, crisp lines on a Schnauzer trim
  • Curved (7.5″) – perfect for creating a round shape on a Bichon’s head
  • Thinner (7.5″) – with 46 teeth, perfect for blending different hair lengths and removing lines.
  • Chunker (7.5″) – with 22 teeth, perfect for finishing a groom and angulation on poodle coats

Aurelia is the premium scissor range at Groomers, made exclusively for expert groomers with exceptional scissor techniques. Crafted in the finest recyclable and recycled 440C Japanese steel for extra sharpness and enhanced durability, these stunning scissors are engineered to last and are strong enough for everyday professional use.

Although suitable for all long-haired breeds, the Aurelia range is perfect for scissor work on Poodles, Bichons and Schnauzers. 

Like our other scissor ranges, Aurelia scissors have a convex edge for a smooth cut, a fitted finger rest, removable finger inserts, and an off-set crane handle for comfort and control. For tension control, the raised, engraved tensioner is easy to use and adjust to keep your scissors working at their best, cut after cut. 

These premium, heavy-duty scissors come in a sleek embossed black box for easy storage and protection. 

Shop our full collection of grooming scissors at Groomers 

Whatever your level of grooming experience, you’ll find exceptional scissors to suit it across our scissors range at Groomers. Explore our four collections using the links above to shop for your scissor essentials, then browse our scissor care maintenance for our top tips on caring for your scissors. 

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