Get Matchy With Shampoos and Fragrance Sprays!

Our new Cocktail Premium Canine Fragrances have really got us into a stir! We think that any good fragrance spray should be supported with a shampoo that compliments it, so you get double the delicious smell!

Just for you, we’ve already done that with our Cocktails!

Pina Colada

The Groomers Performance Shine On Shampoo is the one that immediately springs to mind when we think of the coconut and pineapple fragrance of the Pina Colada, because that’s exactly what it smells like! Spritz Cocktails Pina Colada Spray over a dog bathed with this shampoo and you’ll get double the scent!

Strawberry Daiquiri

The super fruity scent of this spray will really sing when paired with the Groomers Performance 2 in 1 Shampoo! This moisturising shampoo features a fresh berry scent, so when you add Strawberry Daiquiri, you’ll have a double burst of berries.

Iced Margarita

We love the subtle lime fragrance of Iced Margarita! To give it extra zing, choose Groomers Performance Scissoring Prep Shampoo to bathe the dog before using the scent. The shampoo features a fresh lime fragrance that goes beautifully with this spray.

Peach Bellini

We like a zingy, rich fruit salad, so we would pair the Groomers Performance Degrease Shampoo with our Peach Bellini Cocktail Spray for a citrus burst with smooth peachy overtones. Dogs will leave the salon smelling extra fresh.


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