8 Dryer & Blaster Maintenance Tips For Pro Groomers

Your grooming equipment is your livelihood, and taking care of it well means that it will last longer and will cost you less money on repairs and replacements.

Dryers and blasters are one of your most robust pieces of salon equipment, but they are still susceptible to damage. The smallest crack can cause big problems if it isn’t repaired quickly. To make sure your dryer is always in top condition, we have some advice from our expert, Chris!

  1. Check the plug, cable and switches for damage regularly to help prevent electrical problems.
  2. Confirm the casing is undamaged before daily use. Any crack to the case can let hair and dirt in, and this can start to clog the motor. The motor then has to work harder, which can cause damage and reduce the motor life.
  3. Clean your filters daily. Build up on the filters can also make your motor work harder than it has to! First vacuum or blow out hair or dust from the filter, then clean them with warm soapy water and allow to dry.
  4. Make sure your hose is undamaged and the hose clip is not broken or misshapen. If you don’t use a manufacturer-approved part, the hose can easily come loose and fly off, becoming a health hazard. If your dryer has a heat function, don’t wrap anything around the nozzle. Dryers with heat usually have their heating element within the nozzle, much like a hairdryer, so wrapping it with tape or a sticky bandage can make it even hotter, leading to a melted mess and a damaged heating element.
  5. Ensure there is no hair clogging the output nozzle. You will need to remove the hose for this and then take out any protruding or stuck hair. Hair this close to a heating element can begin to burn.
  6. If you are confident, remove the rear cover of the dryer once a month. Clean out any excess dust from behind the filters and remove any hair that may be caught in the back of the motor. This helps the motor to move freely, preventing wear and other issues.
  7. Make sure your dryer stand is safe and secure, that the wheels aren’t clogged with hair and that your dryer is properly attached. If a dryer falls over, this can cause the nozzle to cave in or the casing to crack.
  8. Get your dryer serviced once a year. Don’t forget you can get it serviced with us! Just fill in our form and send your blaster in to us with it! If you’re unsure, why not give our servicing team a call on 01635 279821?

Do all this and your dryer will be in top condition, ensuring your investment lasts!


Safety Warning! Always make sure you complete all your checks and cleaning while the dryer is unplugged.

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