The Best Late Summer Dog Walks Across The UK

From the lochs of Scotland to the stunning Surrey countryside, we really did luck out here in the UK with beautiful walking destinations. 

If you’re looking to make the most out of the last of the summer sun with your dog, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Groomers, we’re running through some of the best dog walks in the UK, alongside top tips on how both you and your pooch can get the most out of your countryside walk. 

Loch Lomond, Scotland

For a dog walk packed full of views that both you and your four-legged friend can enjoy, head out to the stunning Loch Lomond in Scotland. Located around a 30-minute drive from Glasgow, Loch Lomond offers something for everyone, from mountain treks and wooded hills to beautiful coastline. 

If you’re looking for a great dog-friendly option, Conic Hill near the village of Balmaha is ideal. Passing through tranquil leafy woodland and emerging to breathtaking views of the Loch below, this 2.5-mile round trip is one definitely worth taking!  

Brimham Rocks, Yorkshire 

Situated on Marsden Moor in Yorkshire, Brimham Rocks is a natural rock formation surrounded by open countryside – meaning you can walk as little or as far as you’d like, depending on your (or your pooch’s!) needs. 

A little way past the car park, and through the stunning rock formation, you can find a small cafe. Sit, relax and enjoy the views, or continue through to a vast expanse of open countryside, heather moorland and meadows. 

Surrey Hills, Surrey

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty taking up a large portion of Surrey, Surrey Hills is full of beautiful walks and views both you and your pet can enjoy. Newlands Corner offers fantastic views over the hills and, with an abundance of woodland and open countryside to explore, is a must for a late summer wander. 

We’d recommend opting for the 3-mile Newlands Corner walk, which will loop you through some of the finest views in the area. Plus, you walk right past Silent Pool, a gorgeous spring-fed lake, with its very own onsite distillery! 

Three Cliffs Bay, Swansea

And finally, what would a post about dog walks be without a beach? If you’re looking for a beautiful beach that allows pooches all year round, Three Cliffs Bay in Wales is the place for you. 

Alongside a beach that allows dogs even in the height of summer, Three Cliffs Bay offers beautiful views of limestone cliffs, sand dunes, castle ruins and glittering ocean. Wander across the cliffs of the bay, then let your four-legged friend cool down with a splash in the sea while you sit back, relax and enjoy the stunning surroundings on offer. 

Have you chosen where you’re headed? Ensure both you and your dog get the most from your walk with these top tips:

Top 10 Dog Walking Tips

  1. Kit out your car. If you’re driving to a specific location, there are a number of accessories you’ll need to make sure your journey is safe for both you and your pooch. Pet seatbelts and safety partitions are a must – the Stay and Drive Holder will keep dogs in control and secure in the car, while the Trixie Car Safety Partition will ensure dogs are safely contained in the back seat. A car cover, such as the Karlie Rear Seat Car Cover, is also great for keeping your car shielded from any dirt, moisture or pesky dog hair. 
  1. Take water. For any walk longer than around 30 minutes you should always be prepared with fresh water for your dog. A Dog Travel Water Bottle and a travel bowl are both a must for ensuring your pet is hydrated throughout the day. 
  1. Plan your walk. Fully plan your route ahead of time, taking into account any difficult areas of the journey alongside both yours and your pet’s abilities and fitness. 
  1. Take care in the countryside. You should be in full control of your dog at all times, but especially through the countryside where you may encounter other animals and livestock. Practice recall with your dog (treats always help!), and be sure to keep your lead handy at all times. 
  1. Make sure your pet has identification.  By law, your pet should be microchipped, but even if they are, a tag with your name and phone number will ensure you and your pet are quickly reunited should they run off.
  1. Be aware of your surroundings. Even if your dog is friendly, others may not be. Pay extra attention to other walkers and dogs and look out for signs of stress from either pet. Always put your dog on a lead if you feel at all uneasy. 
  1. Check the weather. Summer is winding down, but you never know – the UK could still have a couple of heatwaves up its sleeve! Double-check temperatures and be sure to never walk your dog in extreme heat, as both hot pavements and humidity can be extremely dangerous. For more information, check out our post on How To Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer. 
  1. Clean up! Be ready to wash your dog at home after any particularly wet or muddy walks. Explore a selection of dog shampoos across the Groomers collection to find the perfect option for your pooch. 

From pet shampoos and conditioners through to travel accessories, explore the full My-Pet collection here at Groomers for all your dog go-to’s.

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