Which Bath Is For Me?


Any groomer will want their bath made out of a long-lasting, easy-clean material. Therefore purchasing a bath made from a professional quality material is key. You generally have two choices: Stainless steel or a tough moulded plastic.

Stainless Steel £££

Stainless steel baths can be expensive, but they’ll last for an extremely long time, they’e sturdy so can handle heavy dogs and they’re really quick and easy to clean.

Plastic ££

Polyethylene and other similar plastics can be moulded to create more rounded baths. The plastic is thick, so it’s still very stable and they’re easy to clean as well. These generally cost less than stainless steel baths.



Electric £££

To make entry to the bath easier for the dog and to save your back any strain from lifting, we recommend investing in a bath with an electric chassis. This is great especially for elderly pets

Manual ££



Baths come in a huge range of sizes, and the bath you will need will depend on the dogs that you plan on grooming. If you accept all dogs, be prepared to get yourself the largets bath to accomodate even the largest breeds. If you specialise in small breeds, you could get a much smaller bath.


Some baths will come with all the fixings including taps and shower heads. Others may come with removable splashbacks. Be prepared to pay more for these!

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