Blaster Safety 101: 3 Pieces Of Clothing You Need To Invest In!

Beekeeping nets aren’t goo enough. Invest in some proper work PPE



It’s not just your lungs that you should protect though. The Groomers 2018 Blaster Safety Survey states that 87% of you occasionally or never wear safety goggles while blasting or drying, and only 7% wear them every time you dry or blast. Your eyes are essential to your grooming ability as well as your general quality of life, so we really endorse that you protect them as much as possible so no hairs or other irritants get into them! For this, we think the best thing to use is a good, sturdy pair of goggles. We recommend using close-fitting goggles with ventilation holes so that they can’t mist up in the humid conditions of the salon. There are even goggles around that will fit around glasses if needed!

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