The Groomers Guide To Making Mucky Pups Squeaky Clean

British summertime isn’t always gloriously sunny, is it?

We thought we would prepare you for the inevitable muddy, smelly dogs that tend to come in to the salon at this time of year with our top tips for getting them squeaky clean.

Rinse and repeat

Your best practice with mucky pups is to use a pre-wash to help get all the grime out of their coat. Then you can go in a second time with a specialised shampoo. We think our intensive Magic Forest and Intensity Shampoos are great for this work!

Squeaky clean

If they’re extra mucky, they’re going to need a shampoo with deep cleaning properties. We would recommend a good de-greasing shampoo to get rid of oiliness, like our Groomers Performance De-Grease Shampoo. To really strip back the hair of dirt, we think our Julie Harris Signature Strip Down Shampoo is fantastic, along with our Groomers Performance Deep Clean Shampoo which has a lovely minty fresh smell.

Beat the bugs

We know that bogs, ditches and algae-covered lakes aren’t the most hygienic of places, but dogs love them! You may like to invest in a shampoo with antibacterial properties to help remove any nasties they might have picked up along the way. We love Groomers Performance Medicated Shampoo and Aqueos Anti-Bacterial Dog Shampoo. If you think fleas might be an issue too, why not use our Groomers Performance Ridasect Anti Flea Wash?

Follow these tips, and you’ll be left with a clean dog with hair manageable enough to complete your grooming session with ease.



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