5 Grooming Salon Summer Essentials!

Summer is a time of sweltering heat, mucky pups and bugs, but don’t worry!

Here are our 5 top tips for ensuring summer in the grooming salon is as easy as possible:

Cool Clothing

The last thing you need is to be roasting in an already hot salon. Invest in lightweight clothing with a loose fit and a short sleeve to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. We love our Groomers Unisex Waistcoat for this – it’s very wearable and has no sleeves! What’s more, this month (June 2018) you’ll get 20% off this item.

Don’t Fear The Fleas

As long as you’re well-prepared, flea season doesn’t need to be a dreaded time! Make sure you’re ready with a fumigation pack or two and some Groomers Performance Ridasect Anti-Flea Wash on standby.


Summer means days out with the family, and we know from experience that those dogs like to get mucky! If it’s you that’s picking up the slack, you’re going to need some back-up, and that means a deep cleaning shampoo that really works. At the moment, we love the Groomers Performance Deep Clean Shampoo for the gorgeous minty scent and Chubbs Shampoo bars for their eco-friendly, organic roots. What’s more, this month Chubbs bars have been discounted!

Fresh Smells

You can’t go wrong with a fresh or zingy summer scent to spritz on at the end of a grooming session! We absolutely love the smell of our Limited Edition Garden Party Shampoo and Fragrance Spray, and we think you will too! The scent is so fresh and clean, we think it’s a great addition to any salon this summer. Make sure you don’t miss out on a free slicker brush with the Garden Party Bundle this month!


Being extra-safe with anti-bacterial products is always a good idea when it comes to mucky dogs, and those with sores or raw skin. We love the Aqueos range, which features a host of first aid items and an anti-bacterial shampoo!

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