Moving On From Your Beginner Scissor

When you first started grooming, you were probably given a scissor like Groomers Elite or Roseline to start with. These scissors are great for beginners because they’re great workhorses, they’re pretty resilient, but mainly because of one very important feature – their cutting edge. Beginner scissors feature a serrated cutting edge. It’s a blade which has tiny grooves in it designed to hold hair in place so it is easier to cut.

But what happens when you want to move on from the beginner scissor to help your finishing work look pristine? You could opt for a serrated scissor with a more exaggerated edge so it’s a little bit sharper, or you could switch to a convex edge scissor.

The convex edge has absolutely no serrations, and instead is honed to an extremely sharp point. This scissor suits a fast, experienced cutting technique, and is so sharp it won’t hesitate through that hair. With this blade type you can achieve flawless scissoring lines, which is just perfect for finishing.

Want to move on?

We think you’ll love the Kanpeki Kingfisher range! It’s designed especially for the next step in your cutting technique development!

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