The New Stand Dryer You’re Going To Love

Dryers are that one piece of equipment that we all need, but gosh, they can be a downright eyesore!

That’s about to change, because now you can get a pastel pink dryer to go with your gorgeous salon interior. Meet the XPower Anionic Stand Dryer (B18) in Pink. This brand new dryer isn’t just a pretty face, it also comes with a stunning range of features to make sure it’s the best value for any groomer.

  • It’s extra quiet. At only 72 decibels, this dryer is just louder than speech, making it so much better for nervous pets and for your hearing!
  • It makes coats look great. With anionic technology, this dryer helps to smooth the coat, reduce static and add a lovely lustre.
  • It’s powerful. At 2000W, this dryer packs a punch for quick finishing.
  • It’s got a brushless motor. That means lower noise levels and less upkeep as there are no brushes to change!
  • It’s robust. The dryer features a highly durable polyethylene casing, so it’s built to last.
  • It’s got variable speed controls. This make it so much easier to really control your speed and the amount of pressure on the pet, drying as fast as is comfortable for everyone. It also features two heat settings for quicker drying.

Need to have one? Click the following link to buy or find out more:

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