How To Tell If A Pet Is Overweight

According to the 2017 PFMA Pet Population Report, vets now believe that 49% of dogs and 44% of cats are obese!

This can be very detrimental to their health, as excess weight is linked with arthritis, diabetes, pancreatitis and high blood pressure. We want them to stay as healthy and happy as possible, so we’re giving you everything you need to know whether your dog or cat is overweight.

An overweight pet will have the following:

  • You are unable to feel their ribs when you place your hands on the side of their chest.
  • There is no waist when looked at from above. It may be more oval shaped.
  • Their stomach does not tuck in slightly when viewed from the side.
  • They have a broad back and can even have rolls around their neck area.

How can I help a pet lose weight?

As with humans, it usually comes down to an active lifestyle and eating the right amounts of healthy food. So increasing exercise and play levels and reducing the amount of food given, including tidbits, will go a long way to getting them back to a healthy weight.

We hope this blog goes some way to help increase awareness of pet obesity, and ensure all pets lead a healthier and more active life!

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