How To Groom Greasy Haired Dogs

Greasy, dirty dog hair can sometimes be really difficult to tame, especially when you’re trying to create perfection!

Here are our top tips to help you get that all-important professional finish on greasy hair:


First, you need a squeaky clean base. A good degreaser like Chubbs bars or Julie Harris Signature Strip Down Shampoo should do it. If the hair is really greasy, why not begin with a pre-wash? Use one of our Value range shampoos or our Intensives range to wash out shed hair, dirt and other nasties and then use a degreasing shampoo to ensure a really deep clean. This should set you up well for whatever grooming you are doing! If you are completing a bath and brush out, spritz a little Coat Conditioning Spray with Evening Primrose Oil to bring moisture back into the hair without adding greasiness.


Once you’ve got your squeaky clean base, scissoring shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you’re worried you won’t get the hair to stand up straight enough, try our Scissoring Prep Shampoo after a pre-wash. For Doodles and other curly coats, you can use Choca-Doodle Stand Proud Shampoo. Finish with a little bit of Groomers InStyle Spray to help the coat keep it’s shape as you scissor.

Hand Strip

The secret to stripping a greasy coat is to use plenty of chalk and a good stripping stone to help improve your grip. For really grippy fingers, try the finger cots such as the Show Tech Rubber Thimbles.


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