8 Steps To A Calm Pet This Fireworks Night

It’s getting very close to Fireworks night now, and we’re so excited!

Of course, we also remember that this is the time of year that pets can get very stressed, so here are our top tips for keeping them calm!

  1. Treat it like any other day. Pets really do notice if you’re concerned, so make sure you don’t show it to them, or they will think three is something to fear.
  2. Create a cosy spot. Ensure your house is warm and that your pet has a cosy, quiet and secure spot they can hide in if they need. Shut all windows and doors, and close curtains to muffle noise and block out sudden flashes of light.
  3. Use aromatherapy. Soothing scents like lavender and mint are ideal to keep pets calm. Try Groomers Aromatherapy Shampoo when bathing and Groomers Aromatherapy Fragrance Spray any time.
  4. Be early. Make sure you’re not caught unawares and walk early. Feeding them early too might help them nod off and sleep through the loud noises.
  5. Try swaddling. This method is when you apply slight pressure to parts of the dog’s body to help them feel more secure. Our favourite has got to be the dog snood, or happy hoodie, as it simply slips on over the head and ears, not only providing swaddling but also blocking out some noise at the same time.
  6. Give distractions. A new toy to lay with, some soothing music or just have the television on will help provide distractions and muffle outside noise.
  7. Herbal solutions. If your pet is still nervous, you may like to try herbal solutions such as Pet Remedy, which contains a blend of valerian and vetiver.
  8. Pheromone therapy. Products like Adaptil and Feliway feature specialised pheromones instead of herbal remedies. Adaptil releases a synthetic copy of the appeasing pheromone given off by the mother when a dog is a puppy, while Feliway leaves a scent-marking pheromone.

We sincerely hope you and your pet have a fantastic bonfire night!



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