3 Ways For Groomers To Cash In On Halloween

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it’s a brilliant time to start profiting from the winter season!

#1 Parties

Everyone wants their dog to looks and smell fantastic when guests are around, so capitalise on those Halloween parties! It could be simply offering short appointments for a bath and dry, or perhaps a small percentage off a full groom. Even offering drop-in style appointments for smaller things like nail clipping. Your books will be bursting in no time!

#2 Halloween Makeovers

Many people dress up their dogs for Halloween, and you could be offering your creative grooming services to them instead! Offer it as a more natural-feeling alternative that simply washes off if you want to use pet-friendly paints or sprays.

If you think your customer base would disagree with creative grooming, you have other options like themed bows and bandanas. (Psst! This month you can get a free Halloween bandana with your order by entering BANDANA at checkout)

#3 Retailing

Halloween is awfully close to fireworks season, and so it doesn’t hurt to have some calming retail options available for last-minute purchasers. We love Pet Remedy, Adaptil and Feliway! (Don’t forget, this month, Adaptil and Feliway are on offer!)

Smelling nice is key for any pet, right? Why not ensure you have special Autumnal fragrance spray and shampoo? Offer it as an extra in the grooming session or as an add on sale for a sales boost. We love the Butterscotch Marshmallow Chubbs Bar!

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