Julie Harris Signature Advice: Puppy Coat Change

As part of our Julie Harris Signature Grooming Advice, Julie has written this fantastic blog based on topics that you asked us for on the Groomers facebook page!

Marie Dye  suggested the topic of the puppy coat change, and here’s Julie’s response:

Puppy coat change is inevitable and can be a real struggle even for the best of owners, so when dealing with a matted dog, you must be patient with your customers. Change can happen any time between 8 and 18 months depending on breed, coat type and coat colour. Wire hair grows deeper into the skin so is therefore easier to manage. Paler hair is more shallow so it sheds more easily, so it is no wonder we see matted dogs. You will find that darker/black hair is more forgiving and will not matt but the clients with pale cream dogs will struggle.

Puppy hair is very fine and therefore lacks structure. When it sheds it tends to act like Velcro, so anything that helps smooth those edges will be advantageous! My Signature Coat Management Spray is a life saver and great add on sale for a customer. Encourage them to use the spray every time they groom their dog and it will aid in de-matting and manageability to help to smooth the edges of the individual hairs and help prevent breakage, which is a factor in matting. When the spray coats the hair, it creates a slip and the dead shed hair can’t stick to it as easily, which is removed quicker and prevents matting. Add on a suitable brush to that sale, give them brushing advice if needed and hopefully you will reap the rewards!

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