Julie Harris Signature Advice: 8 Tips For Speedy Grooming

As part of our Julie Harris Signature Grooming Advice, Julie has written this fantastic blog based on questions that you asked us on the Groomers facebook page!

Jo Silk-Smith asked for tips on speeding up grooming, and here’s Julie’s response:

As groomers we all have strengths and weaknesses and being able to speed up to give the dogs in our care less time standing, and a few minutes extra break for ourselves between grooms is always advantageous. The first thing we need to do is really look at our grooming and document how long each part of the groom is taking us, only then will we know the areas that need working on to speed up as some areas of the groom may already be achieved in a great time. Once we know what is taking us the time we can start to work on that individual area.

8 Time-Saving Tips:

  • When blasting, use a towel to catch the water this will speed up the drying process.
  • Use Snoods or Happy Hoodies so the head and ear area will be drying while you are drying the rest of the dog.
  • Ensure the coat has no residue shampoo, not only will this cause irritation but the coat will take longer to dry.
  • Avoid using conditioner unless really necessary as a coat that has had a conditioning treatment will take longer to dry.
  • If water can penetrate the coat, bath the dog first as clean hair will demote quicker if all the dirt is removed.
  • Use the correct equipment. Remember, not all coat types require the same brushes and combs, so for heavier or matted coats longer pins on slicker brushes and wide combs are a must.
  • Use my Signature Coat Management Spray when drying and styling. The equipment will move through the coat easier and the spray will instantly help with demoting and manageability.
  • If using comb attachments, lightly spray my Signature Coat Management Spray and briskly brush through to enable the comb attachment to glide through the coat, preventing clogging which holds up the groom with unnecessary stopping, starting and repetition.

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