6 Dog Safety Tips For Autumn!

It’s officially Autumn TODAY!

To us, that means good food, fun and of course snuggling up with your dog on the sofa!

But there are a few things about that all pet owners should be aware of to keep their dogs safe and sound, and here they are:

Party Season

With Halloween and fireworks night on the way, make sure your dog feels safe at all times. Try Pet Remedy or Adaptil if they’re really struggling to stay calm.

Fading Light

It’s getting darker, and so it’s always best to make sure your dog is very visible when you are out walking in the mornings or evenings. Use high visibility wear, such as the Trixie Safety Neckerchief, Road Safety Vest or Trixie Safety Flash Coat.


While many mushrooms are safe, there are some that aren’t and it can be very difficult to tell which is which! We recommend keeping your dogs away from any mushroom, just in case!


Chocolate, rasisins, grapes and nuts are the ones to watch out for! Make sure they’re out of reach from ground-dwellers and counter-surfers alike.

Conkers and Bulbs

Conkers are poisonous if chewed and hazardous if swallowed, and tulip or daffodils are also toxic. Ensure that any bulbs are planted where the dog can’t reach and be aware of where you local horse chestnut trees are situated!


Autumn brings its own allergens, so keep an eye out for rashes and sneezing. If in doubt, call your vet!

Have a fantastic (and safe) Autumn!

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