4 Ways to Prevent Clipper Lines

Do you keep getting clipper lines and wonder what you can do to stop them?

Never fear, in this blog, we’ll tell you how to get the best finish:

  1. Make sure you blades are sharp and oiled regularly. The sharper and faster the blade, the smoother the finish. Good clipper maintenance is key!
  2. Make sure that undercoat is out! Any coat that still has dead hair inside while you’re clipping is more likely to create clipper lines. Brush, blast and rake your way through that coat until all excess hair is out for a much better finish.
  3. Move at the same pace as your clippers. If you are moving too fast for your clippers, it might be time to invest in a different pair with a faster speed, greater power and more torque. When you are moving at the same pace as your clippers, the hair feeds into them far more smoothly.
  4. Clip consistently. Clip in the direction of coat growth. Do this at a consistent speed, with consistent pressure and at the same clipping angle for the best results.

The clipper lines are already there? Here are a couple of tips to help remove them:

  1. Reverse Clipping. Instead of working with the lay of the coat, clip against it. This generally allows for a super smooth coat. Be aware that reverse clipping will make the coat twice as short, so always switch up a blade or two before you begin.
  2. Thinning Scissors. A thinning scissor with plenty of teeth isn’t just a good way to create a natural finish on the coat, they’re great for removing clipper lines too.

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