Top 5 Products to Spoil Your Dog!

Today is National Spoil Your Dog Day, and you can spoil them rotten with our pampering bathing products!

Here are our top 5:

Ochah Mud Scrubs

Every dog we know loves a mud bath, and these are the mud baths that you’ll actually want them to have! A relaxing session with one of these mud scrubs helps reduce shedding and leaves the coat and skin nourished!

Ochah Shampoos

Along with the mud scrubs, the Ochah shampoos all feature the therapeutic powers of Dead Sea Minerals and natural oils with soothing and hydrating benefits.

British Hound

Handmade shampoo bars made with locally sourced, natural, organic ingredients chosen for their healing, soothing, moisturising properties. Designed for pets with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as rashes, dermatitis and hot spots.

Warren London

We love the smell and you love the performance of this human-grade range, which uses only natural, high-quality ingredients!

The Pawfume Shop Fragrances

Designer smell-alike colognes and perfumes for VIPs (that’s ‘very important pooches’). We’re loving the John Paw Gotea ‘Le Chien’ fragrance this month!

Spoil your dog with our pampering products here:

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