Not A Scratch – Successful Cat Bathing Tips!

Cats will learn to love water once we’re through!

Read these tips for hints on how to handle cats in the tub:

  1. Allow the cat to find a comfortable position
  2. Before you bathe the cat, it’s a good idea to trim the claws to prevent scratching
  3. Thoroughly brush the coat through
  4. To keep water out of ears, gently place cotton wool in them
  5. Ensure your bath has a smooth, slippy surface. This ensures claws do not catch on anything and that the cat cannot latch on
  6. Keep a hand on the cat at all times and keep the cat facing away from you as you bathe
  7. Use a shower head to gently soak fur with lukewarm water and lather on shampoo according to the instructions
  8. Always use products designed for cats as they have very sensitive skin!
  9. Avoid the face, ears and eyes when bathing, and instead wash these areas with a damp cloth
  10. Rinse off the shampoo thoroughly until all soap is removed
  11. Wrap the cat securely in a towel and transfer to your grooming table
  12. Towel well before using a dryer

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