Convex Edge Scissors and Why You Need Them!

What Is A Convex Edge?

Convex is the shape given to a blade where the surface is curved similarly to the exterior of a circle. It tapers down to a fine point on the cutting edge.

Why Are They Great For Groomers?

The fine point at the edge of the blade allows for an extremely sharp cutting edge that tends to last longer than that of a bevelled, serrated cutting edge. This extra sharp blade means that you can have clean, precise scissoring, which is perfect for finishing work on a scissored breed.

Who Can Use A Convex Scissor?

Anyone can use a convex edge scissor, but they are commonly used by groomers who have honed their scissoring technique. Groomers used to a serrated edge, such as that of a Roseline scissor, might find this blade difficult to use at first, as you are used to the serration holding the hair for you as you cut. With practice though, a convex blade can be your secret weapon for a great grooming finish!

Which Brands Carry Convex Edge Blades?

Kanpeki, Razorline and Sensei scissors all carry a professional convex edge.

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