Retailing in Small Spaces

Retailing is a really great way of making the salon a little bit of extra money, and we know that many of you only have small salons where space is mainly taken up by all-important baths and tables. The question is; how can you make retailing work in a small area?

  • Think carefully about what you sell

Selling the right products is the key, since you won’t have a lot of space to display them or keep much stock. Think about what the majority of your customers need: disposable items such as brushes could come in handy if most of your client’s pets have long, curly coats that need regular brushing, for example.

  • Some tips on space saving

Your selection will need to be small and well-chosen, stock numbers may also need to be low. Utilise your wall space, and if you have a window, use it well! Whether you use wall shelving, hooks, a corner cabinet, a rotating stand or a few items on display at the pay point, showing all the items you have available is very possible.

  • Making it pay

Once you have your selection of products and your display, you’ll need to draw attention to it. A good way of doing this is by add-on sales. At the end of the grooming session, ask your clients if they need a new brush, a shampoo, a spare bow or two for their Shih Tzu’s topknot.

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