Introducing the Wahl Ultimate Blade #10

You may have seen the new Wahl Powergrip Clipper in our range, but it’s the blade that goes with it that we want to talk about today: The Wahl Ultimate Blade.

Blades are one of the most important items in your grooming kit. They enable easy and fast clipping, helping to rid you of matted hair and to use attachment combs for a gorgeously even coat length.

The use of the right blade could be the difference between a smooth clip and a very rough one, so it’s important that you get the quality blade you’re looking for. This, in turn, enables you to get that professional grooming finish you are looking for.

So what’s special about the Wahl Ultimate blade?

  • Durable, fast and smooth clipper blade for a superior coat finish
  • Hardened steel for a longer lasting sharp edge, which in turn extends blade life
  • Upgraded tooth geometry for smooth feeding, helping to reduce clipper lines
  • A5-style, so compatible with most professional grooming clippers

Convinced? You can buy it here:

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