10 Ways To Use An Aquasorb Towel

This month, we have 10% off our Aquasorb Towels! So we’re counting 10 ways that you can use an Aquasorb to make your grooming easier, safer and cleaner!

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Towel drying – of course! The Aquasorb is intended for use immediately after bathing dogs to soak up the excess water.

Swaddling for ears. This is great for dogs who dislike the dryer and dogs with thick hair on their ears to help dry them.

Drip mat while being dried. For those dogs that still drip water no matter how much towel drying you’ve done!

Non-slip mat in baths. Excellent if you don’t have a grid or bath mat around.

Wiping up water spills. This absorbent shammy can pick up plenty of water with ease.

Wiping off the face. The Aquasorb towel is great for cleaning around sensitive eyes, ears and mouths.

Slobber absorber. Keep one on hand for when you have a slobberer in to wipe off their mouths.

Spot cleaning coats. You never know when you might need to whip out the Quick Wash Spray and an aquasorb for soiled coats!

Removal of mud from paws. Avoid muddy paws around the salon by wiping them when they arrive and you can save cleaning time later.

Cleaning the salon. Aquasorbs are brilliant for wiping surfaces and large equipment.

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  • Most of the dog care takers don’t know the proper use of grooming equipment, it is nice that you pointed out the names and the proper use.