Pamper Those Pooches With These Products!

P is for Pamper, and what better way to pamper pooches than with a luxurious bath and British Hound Shampoo?

A little bit about the range:

  • Gentle natural shampoo bars for dogs in a handy storage tin
  • Soothes skin and reduces inflammation
  • 100% natural, organic ingredients, sourced in the UK
  • Hand-made in the UK

British Hound is a range of natural, organic shampoos bars not only clean and provide a natural fresh scent but also contain ingredients that help dogs suffering from a range of skin conditions. Each carefully-selected, UK-sourced natural ingredient provides a range of healing benefits

British Hound don’t believe in using overpowering oils, scents and chemicals to mask the smell of a stinky pet but instead concentrate on natural ingredients that neutralise the cause of bad smells.

Find all our British Hound Shampoos here:

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