What’s Mild, Chemical-Free & Beneficial To Hair Health?

N is for Natural!

Natural is a huge buzzword for bathing products at the moment, but why?


Many people choose natural shampoos that are free from chemicals and synthetic ingredients, which can be irritating to the skin. Some chemicals have been linked to harmful side effects, such as the generation of toxins. Chemicals to look out for include sulfates, parabens and petroleum-based ingredients.

Beneficial Ingredients

From argan oil to the simple chamomile flower, many natural ingredients have properties that can aid skin and hair health. They can be moisturising, soothing, can support cell growth, aid healing and increase shine, softness and elasticity so pets are left with healthy looking hair.

Non-allergenic and mild

Natural bathing products are great for skin that is sensitive to harsh ingredients. Of course, if the pet is allergic to anything, do check the ingredients beforehand just in case!

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