Medicated Dog Shampoos – What You Need To Know

M is for Medicated!

What Does Medicated Mean?

Medicated shampoos are most often used to relieve itching and other scalp conditions, but this term is also used for shampoos that treat bacterial or fungal infections, or control insect infestations.

Why Do Pets Need Medicated Shampoo?

Itchy skin, doggy dandruff, infection-prone, flea-bitten; a dog can be any one of these things, and using a medicated shampoo can be great to keep their skin clean, clear and healthy.

Which Shampoos?

The medicated shampoo you use depends on the issue the dog has. If they’re simply itchy, make sure they have an itch-relief shampoo, but if they’re itching due to sore skin, they will want a shampoo that soothes skin too.

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