Lush Scents for Pongy Pooches!

L is for Lush Scents

We have plenty of gorgeously-scented bathing products to choose between, from those that have been expertly fragranced by perfumers to luxury dog colognes. While we know that the classic baby powder fragrance is a favourite with many customers, we think it’s time to try something a little bit different, and that’s where these come in!

Fragranced By Perfumers

That’s My Boy: A shampoo and fragrance spray with a crisp, clean fragrance

That’s My Girl: Bursting with berries and super sweet shampoo and fragrance spray

Festival: A rich, fruity-floral shampoo and fragrance spray to transport you to the tropics

Find these three here:

Pawfume Shop Designer Fragrances

These luxury doggy colognes and perfumes are inspired by the designer scents that we wear every day! If you want to impress, using these is a great start.

Find The Pawfume Shop Fragrance Sprays here:

Groomers Fragrance Sprays

Aromatherapy – Lavender and mint for a comforting experience

Curiosity – The strong, spicy, manly one

Fantasia – Floaty floral and fresh

Find the whole collection of fragrance sprays here:

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