Keratin-Boosters for Healthy Hair

K is for Keratin!

Keratin is an essential fibrous structural protein that makes up not just hair, but nails, hooves and even horns! Today though, we’re focusing on how it can help you give dogs strong, healthy-looking hair.

Of course, the best way to support Keratin growth is by nourshing the pet with all the essential nutrients they need to create it. That’s a diet high in proteins, iron, viatmins C and B, and zinc. Keratin-boosting hair products like shampoos, conditioners and sprays can also be applied to help protect and repair hair. To get the best results, we recommend using both methods.

Artero come forefront when we think of giving Keratin levels a boost, as their spray and liquid conditioners actually contain this protein. You can find them here:

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