Increase Your Income With Retailing

R is for Retailing!

Retailing is an amazing way of adding a few more sales and increasing income for your business. It’s great for groomers and vets who want to offer their customers a little bit more, and can really pay off.

Having a selection of bathing and grooming items makes it easy for customers to buy their supplies as they pick up their dog. It allows you to make add-on sales, especially for customers who don’t know which tools they should be using on their pets, or which shampoo would be best for their coat, and allows you to use your expertise to guide them.

You can retail all sorts! Small dog shampoo bottles and brushes, toys, treats, coats, beds, bowls and more! It really depends on what you think will work for your business as to how much or how little you take on. Our advice is to start small, ask your customers about what they would like to see and expand from there.

Want to start now? Buy our retail six packs and save 25% – which is all profit for you!

Find the range here:


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