Get Soft and Manageable Coats

X is for Xtremely Soft!

What do we mean? Conditioners of course!

Conditioners are great for dogs with really dry skin and hair. As with humans, it will make the hair softer, smoother and looking healthier.

For groomers, using conditioner isn’t all about making the dog look good, it’s there to make hair more manageable. Conditioner is great for fluffy or long double coats to ensure that shed hair and knots are easier to remove, and it’s great for longer hair for a sleek and flowing mane that you can brush out with ease.

Conditioners can be used in the bath and rinsed out, or left in to be used as a brushing aid. If the coat is really knotty or dry, we recommend using both a regular conditioner and a conditioning spray to get the manageable coat you want.

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