Get Dazzling Whites, Inky Blacks & Deep Browns

C is for Colour and Coat Enhancement!

See our colour-enhancing shampoo range here:

The colour of a dogs coat demands to stand out, and colour-enhancing shampoos can really help. Whites can be brighter, browns can be deeper and sun-bleached blacks can turn into inky midnight in a shampoo or two.

For many though, it’s the white coats that are the problem. Whether it’s a vibrant shade of freshly mown lawn or the rusty red of saliva and tear staining, white always shows it off the best.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our range. So grab those Bichons and get bathing!

For white coats:

For black, grey and blue coats:

For brown, red and gold coats:

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