Dry Skin and Dandruff? Try These…

W is for Wheat and Oats

Wheatgerm and oatmeal are two ingredients that pack a lot more in than you would expect! They’re commonly used in a range of beauty products to help hydrate skin and hair, and that’s exactly what they can do for pets too!

Both wheatgerm and oats nourish and moisturise the skin. Wheatgerm has emollient properties to keep hair soft and conditioned, and it’s high in vitamin E and B vitamins for healthy cell renewal, which helps to keep the coat healthy.

Oats are great for dry skin and flakiness including dandruff. It’s a deep moisturiser and can even aid in wound healing. The anti-inflammatory properties of oats make them great for itchiness, which can be caused by a number of issues including dry skin, bug bites or rashes.

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*Please remember when using these products to check pets do not have allergies to the ingredients, of wheat, gluten or oats.

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