Demystifying Dilutions

Need some help with dilution rates? You’re in the right place.

You can use products neat, or they can be diluted with water – our own brand shampoos carry a dilution rate of up to 32:1! We recommend always using the dilution rate supplied on the bottle or by the company whose shampoo you are using. Any higher dilution and the solution, not to mention the cleaning power, won’t be as potent. Any lower and the solution might be too strong.

We find the easiest way to mix the correct dilution is by using a mixing bottle. You simply fill up your bottle with water to the line that corresponds with your dilution rate, and then add shampoo until the liquid meets the fill line. Shake gently, and off you go!

Find mixing bottles, containers and other bathing accessories here:

We also find this calculation to be pretty easy – just grab a calculator if you don’t fancy long division!

  • First, you’ll need your dilution rate. Our example is 7:1,  which is 8 parts – 7 parts water and 1 part shampoo.
  • How much do you need in ml? In Our example, we need 1L, or 1000ml
  • Then divide how much you need by how many parts the dilution rate has. In our example, that’s 1000 divided by 8. This gives us the value of a single part, 125ml in our case
  • So our 7:1 ratio leaves us with 8 x 125ml parts. That’s 125ml (1 part) of shampoo to 875ml (7 parts) of water.

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