Curly Coat Products You Won’t Want To Live Without

D is for Doodle… And the Choca-Doodle range, of course!

Find the range here:

Two sets of the handiest dog bathing products you’ll ever own. They’re not just for Doodles though – you can use this wonderfully chocolate-scented bathing range on any curly-coated breed to get the same quality grooming results!

Set 1: Bath & Brush Outs and Clip Offs

Choca-Doodle 2-in-1 Shampoo deeply conditions and leaves a superbly soft coat. Choca-Doodle Comb Thru’ Spray helps to tease out those tangles. Both feature a gorgeous Double Chocolate Delight fragrance.

Set 2: Scissored Coats

Choca-Doodle Stand Proud Shampoo makes sure that hair stands out from the skin for easier scissoring. Choca-Doodle Curl Create Spray will make the coat easier to scissor, and will create a little bit of curl. With a zingy Sweet Chocolate Orange fragrance.

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