What Makes a Good Scissor? Part 3

What Makes a Good Scissor?


  • Scissor handles come in a lot of shapes and sizes, with some being very simple to others that have all the latest ergonomic design qualities.
  • First, we recommend a scissor that fits perfectly in your hand. Too short or too long a handle could be all the difference when it comes to straining your hand.
  • For scissors that you’ll be handling for a long period of time, we really recommend an offset, crane style handle, where the thumb is angled downwards from the shear. This gives a more neutral, relaxed grip and allows you to keep your elbow pointing downwards most of the time. This is turn minimises stress on the hand and thumb tendon which can lead to repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel in some cases.
  • Some scissors come with a rotating thumb, which allows you to trim with your elbow down the entire time for a much more comfortable grooming session.

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