What Makes a Good Scissor? Part 2

What Makes a Good Scissor – Blade Edge

Usually, grooming scissor blades either have a serrated blade or a convex blade.

  • The serrated blade has a bevelled edge with tiny grooves that help to hold hair in place while scissoring.
  • It’s a good workhorse and is great for quick scissoring to get the shape you want.
  • It enables easy scissoring for beginners and students.
  • The convex blade facilitates smooth, sharp cutting.
  • It generally stays sharper for longer than the serrated blade.
  • It’s brilliant for more advanced groomers who would like to move on from the serrated edge for a superior grooming finish.
  • Some groomers find this edge difficult to work with as the hair can slip more easily – it takes some practice and patience to get the right technique

We would recommend that you have scissors with both types of blade edge in your collection. The serrated edge is ideally used for initial scissoring work, while the more advanced convex edge can be used for finishing work.

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