What Makes a Good Scissor? Part 1

Part 1 – Material

Whether it’s steel or a specially-designed alloy, your scissor needs to be made out of a sturdy metal that can be sharpened to give you a clean cutting edge and professional results.

  • Most grooming scissors are made from either 420 or 440 stainless steel, the best of which come from Japan and Germany as both countries have long histories of making very refined steel. 440C steel holds the edge best as it can be tempered to a higher hardness, so these scissors will be extra durable. ICE tempering is a process designed to harden steel, making for a more robust scissor that can hold its edge better.
  • There other alloys on the market that are designed to give better rust-resistance and high durability, such as cobalt molybdenum. Sensei shears use this particular metal in their scissors to help create a very sharp blade edge and better rust & chemical resistance than stainless steel.
  • You will also see scissors with a coating. Some of these can help scissor durability, but won’t help keep the blade edge. The coatings may be good for groomers with nickel allergies, as some scissors are made from metal alloys which tend to include nickel.

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