What Makes a Good Scissor For You?

We can talk about superior blade edges and handle styles, but what is really important is that you buy a scissor that is comfortable and easy for you to use.

Here are our tips for getting the best scissor for you:

Check the handle. To make sure you’ll have the most natural hand movement, you need the best fit. Ensuring the handle is the correct length for your fingers is very important, as a too-short or too-long handle could cause strain injuries to the tendons in your hands.

Luckily, there is an easy way to see if the scissor will fit your hand:

  1. Locate the base of the gap between your ring and middle finger.
  2. Locate the base of the V in the scissors where the shank starts.
  3. With the scissors blades pointing up, line up the V in the scissors with the start of the gap between your fingers.
  4. Find where the bumper of the scissor is and draw an imaginary horizontal line to the edge of your hand going toward your thumb.
  5. Where does the bumper line up in comparison to your thumb? If the scissor fits, the bumper will line up anywhere between your life line and the V where your thumb connects. If it falls below the V, the shank is too long, and above the lifeline, the shank is too short.
  6. Do this with a standard scissor, and you will be able to see if you need or short or a long shank on all your scissors.

There are lots of different types of handle. The best advice we can give you is to choose the one that feels the most comfortable for you while you are scissoring with it. If you can’t get along with the scissor, try a different style.

Let’s talk about blade edge. If you’re used to a serrated blade, you might find a convex one very difficult to handle, and that’s fine. Take baby steps to see if you can get used to it and get the correct scissoring technique, as these blades really do offer you a brilliant finish, and if not, there is no reason why you can’t go back to using a serrated edge which allows you more grip on the hair.

Need more scissor help? See our Scissor Guide in the Grooming Resources web section, or click here: http://bit.ly/2q5ucfP

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